Sunday, August 8, 2010

Daily Reports: WTA Copenhagen Final!

The Copenhagen final between home Danish star Caroline Wozniacki and Czech Klara Zakopalova was scheduled to be played on Sunday at 10:30 AM local time. Many people were awaiting this match for two reasons: Will Wozniacki win her home tournament and confirm the top seed and favourite role? Or will the Czech surprise us all? The first option happened as Caroline Wozniacki won the final match in straight sets 62 76(5) in 79 minutes and could celebrate another title. No surprise winner of the e-Boks Danish Open which was held for the first time in 2010 then.

Zakopalova had a very slow start, was making a lot of unforced errors while her opponent, the home superstar Caroline Wozniacki, played a solid first set. You know, Wozniacki doesn't give her opponents any cheap points nor many opportunities in matches. Solid and consistent play by Wozniacki led to a 62 triumph in the first set for her. Wozniacki maybe even played the best set here in Copenhagen but Zakopalova's wild errors and inconsistent hitting surely helped her to make the first set so easy.

The second set was a different story. While Wozniacki kept playing her solid game, Zakopalova came up with many great winners in this set and improved her serve a notch. The Czech was even a break up in this set but Wozniacki showed she doesn't lack experience again. It was a very nice and entertaining second set which resulted in forgetting not a really good first one. Unfortunately Zakopalova lost her serve and a tie-break had to decide whether the match will go to three sets or not. Such a shame for not one-sided tennis fans that Wozniacki was just too solid in the tie-break, not making any errors so no cheap points for Zakopalova while the Czech gave a few points to Wozniacki by making a few errors. Wozniacki had five match points at 6-1, and then suddenly Zakopalova found her great groundstrokes, hit 4 winners off both sides to tie the score to 5-6 from her view. However Wozniacki didn't allow any more drama, fired a big serve which Zakopalova couldn't return over the net. A youngster nicknamed "Sunshine" won her home tournament and that's the best mark for the organizers as that was their wish for sure as well as home crowd's. Maybe even Wozniacki's new haircut helped her to win, who knows. What's known is that she deserved to win the title after showing a fighting spirit and solid play. No shame for Zakopalova, she played her third ever WTA Tour final and first one this year, if she keeps her good form up, she can improve her rankings this year.

The doubles title goes to another top seed, German duo Anna-Lena Groenefeld/Julia Goerges beat #4 Vitalia Diatchenko/Tatiana Poutchek (RUS/BLR) 64 64 in the final on Saturday.

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  1. Obviously, the Queen had to win :(
    Poor Chaky, she was so close :'(
    Nice blog ;)